Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm so embarrassed....

I can't believe how long it has been since I've blogged. I'm realizing that I need to start before I have my third!

Monday, August 09, 2010

We are not UPS anymore...

Isabella and Chase's school changed their name at the beginning of the year. We used to be University Public School (UPS) but now we are Vincent Shelvey Academy (VSA).

When Mrs. Fashner, our principal, first told us about the name change at a community council meeting, my first reaction was that I didn't want my kiddos school to change their name. After they told why and who it would be named after I was on board. I'm excited that we have the name we have now. Plus, I won't get the confused look anymore like my kiddos go to a postal service for their school. =)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

What a week

This week has been an emotional roller coaster! It was nothing that I expected.

Chase was SO excited to start school. He talked about it all the time.

The first day of school, Monday, went great. He was so excited and did a great job being separated from Mom. The first day was only 3.5 hours but he went with us to the name changing ceremony and that was about 2 hours.

The second day, Tuesday, he was fine. He was waiting at the door for me with his backpack on before it was even time to go. In line his look should have given me a clue that something was starting to happen. He didn't seem quite sure. He still did great and when I left was a happy camper.

The third day, Wednesday, was a hard day for both of my kiddos. First off, on Wednesday they only go to school from 8-12:30. I was talking to a friend outside of school for 2 hours. We were catching up and talking about the new school year. When we finally parted I thought that maybe Mrs. Tiede might need some help and it was so close to the end of the day at this point that I thought I'd just see since I was free. I found her on the playground because the kiddos were at recess. She did need help. The whistle blew and recess was over and then I saw Chase. He didn't look happy. He ran to me crying. I was shocked. I did not see this coming. I quickly walked him to his line and he was sobbing and wouldn't let go. I then pulled him off my leg and quickly left to go to the classroom. Mrs. Tiede had to get him so that he didn't follow. I didn't know weather I should leave or stay. I thought I'd try it out and if he was till crying then I'd leave. I'm not sure what was said but when he came into the classroom he walked straight to the carpet and wasn't crying anymore. I help Mrs. Tiede and then when I left I gave him a thumb's up and signed I love you to him. He waived goodbye and signed I love you and I left. He seemed fine when I left. Then the book buddies came in and Isabella was able to be his book buddy. When she left the classroom at 12:00 he then cried from 12:00 until the end of the day straight. When I picked him up he was sobbing and just ran to me and jumped into my arms and cried into my chest. I had to wait there with everyone watching because I didn't have Isabella yet. He cried until Isabella got out and until we got into the car. It took EVERYTHING not to cry. Isabella had a break down once we got home and said that she missed Mrs. Tiede. They were both so tired so they took a nap. Isabella slept for an hour and Chase slept for 2.5 hours.

Day four, Thursday, was HORRIBLE. Chase cried off and on all morning while getting ready and on the way to school. When I finally left him he was sobbing and crying for me not to leave him. He broke my heart on Thursday. As I walked out with parents watching me, telling me that it must be so hard, and hearing my son crying for me, I lost it. Angie put her arm around me and we walked out of the school with myself in tears. (Thanks Angie for being there for me.) I felt like I had deserted him. To be honest, Im not 100% okay with the new routine at school but I do as I'm asked. I called at 10:00 to see how he was doing and was told that he had been crying off and on all morning. Well, that didn't make me feel any actually made it worse. I got off the phone and I cried off and on for the rest of the day. When I picked him up I expected to see him crying but he was so happy. He bounced to me and told me that he got a piece of candy for being happy and having a smile. I was SO happy to see that!!

On Friday, he didn't want to go to school. He cried to school and to his line. I told him that if he stopped crying I would ask Mrs. Tiede if she needed help in the classroom. He stopped and so I asked and she did. He was fine after that. I helped out in Mrs Tiede's class for 3 hours. Chase first starting crying right before recess because I originally told him that I would be leaving then but she needed help a little longer. I assured him that I would be staying until centers was over. He knew right when centers was almost over. He came over to me 5 times crying and telling me that he didn't want me to leave. He asked me if I could stay until the next recess. I ignored him and then he went and asked Mrs. Tiede. She broke the bad news to him and he again started crying. He went to his desk and I went to get my purse and he started crying again. I stood there for a couple minutes. Chase looked away and Mrs. Tiede mouthed for me to leave and I tried to quickly leave but he saw me and jumped up out of his seat and ran toward me. Mrs. Tiede caught him and I left. I was a little frustrated with him at this point because I had spend so much time in the classroom and I felt that he should have been better. I guess he cried a few more time and then was great the rest of the day. He was happy when I picked him up.

On Saturday we had Back to school day. It is a fun day for the kids and the parents learn all the the expectations for the year. We had a few tears on the way to Saturday school which was ridiculous. When I was finished and went to the playground to get them he didn't want to leave. He had tons of fun.

Here's to a better week next week...

Chase's first day of Kindergarten

Here is my big Kindergartner. He looks so big!! I'm so sad that he is starting Kindergarten but also so happy for him. He is so ready and is so excited. He can't wait to go to sissy's BIG school and have Mrs. Tiede.

I just love his freckles.

This is Chase's new favorite pose. He has to do it EVERYTIME I take pictures of him. He is always my little jokester when he takes pictures.

He had to have "Rock Star" hair for his first day of school. I just love his spikes and those blue eyes.

Here are the shoes that he picked out. He is so proud of his new Sketchers. He wasn't to wear them the moment he got them and asked all the time but we saved them for the first day of school. Grandma Hockey bought these for him.

Here is the backpack that Chase picked out. He has a matching lunchbox too. Daddy helped him pick it out. He was so excited to use it. On the first day of school he was waiting by the front door with it on ready to go!

On the way back to school after the name changing ceremony. He was so upset that he didn't start school the same time Sissy did. He told me that Sissy was having fun and he wasn't.

Here is Chase with Mrs. Tiede on the first day of school. We are SO excited to have Mrs. Tiede again with Chase. She is A GREAT teacher!

I always get the teachers a present on the first day of school. We got Mrs. Tiede a class set of crayons and a teacher's journal.

Here is his new backpack and matching lunch box
Here is Chase and his best buddy Kaden. They have so much fun together. Thank goodness they aren't in the same class they would crazy. But I'm glad that they can play together at recess.

There he is my big Kindergartner. =( He is in his college stance and ready to go.

This year they did things a little different because of the name change ceremony. The Kinders started school at lunch, 11:30, instead of at the beginning of the day. They ate lunch and then played. Chase's playing time was off to a bad start with 2 first graders shoving him off the playground but he saw Kaden a little later and snapped out of it. After recess time they lined up and the Mommies said goodbye.

I know that Mommy was having a much harder time with this whole Kindergarten thing than he is. He was SO excited and Mommy was so sad. I knew this day was coming fast but it came much faster than expected. What a hard day for me. I hope this gets better.

Isabella's 1st day of 2nd grade

What a big girl on the first day of school. She just looks so big to me here.

You have to notice all the details because Isabella was VERY specific about them. They had to be just right!

Isabella picked out a Wizards of Waverly Place backpack. She honestly doesn't love the show I just think she liked the colors. She really wanted a Scooby Doo backpack but it was on wheels and we can't have wheels at VSA. I don't have a picture of her lunchbox, but I should. She picked out a Scooby Doo lunch box. She's been wanting this lunchbox for years but I couldn't justify buying a new one when the other one was in perfect condition. I don't love the character backpacks but I don't allow them to wear things like this so I figured I'd let them at least get to pick it our for a backpack. I'm hoping that she will want a Jansport soon.

You notice that Isabella has two hair things in her hair. She has a headband that she picked out for the first day of school but we also had to add the heart scrunchie. After I finished Isabella hair, and it looked beautiful all curly, she started crying saying that it was too big. She just cracks me up. So we had to add this to tame it. Anything to stop the tears, right? You aren't supposed to cry on the first day of school.

The shoes that Grandma Hockey bought Isabella for the first day of school. Isabella like these because they had stars on them because our mascot at the school is the Stars.

The earrings that Isabella picked out for the first day of school.

I love this picture of the two kiddos together on the first morning of school. This year we are no longer called University Public School (UPS). We are now Vincent Shalvey Academy. I will have another post on the details of the name change.

Here is Isabella's adorable teacher. Her name is Mrs. Baumann. We just love her to pieces. We are so excited to be in her classroom. She is the teacher that we were hoping for. =)

I always give the teachers a little something on the first day of school that the entire class can use. We gave Mrs. Baumann a class set of glue sticks and pencils plus a teachers journal for her. I attached a cute little poem.

Here is my big 2nd grader standing in line. I can't believe that my little girl is a big 2nd grader. How time is flying! My goal now that both of my kiddos are in school is to be involved as much as I can so that I can be a part of this time in their life. Time flies and I don't want any regrets. Here's to a great 2nd grade year!

Kindergarten meet and greet

Chase was SO excited to go to his Kindergarten meet and greet. He wasn't meeting his teacher for the first time because he has known her for 2 years now. Chase gets to have the same teacher as his sissy did. When we got there they were to sign in and then start decorating their letter. Then we went on a tour of the school and came back into the classroom for our snack. They made Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom trees. Weren't they SO adorable. I loved it! Then we went on a hunt around the classroom for certain things. Chase had so much fun. He is super excited to start school. =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tribute to Buttmuncher

Yes, you read that right! We were lucky enough to have Buttmuncher in our life. We loved that cat tons and miss him tons too!

On April 1st I took Buttmuncher to the vet because he had lost a lot of weight in a short time. We found out that he had a mass in his stomach which she assumed was cancerous and spreading fast. We brought him home and we were going to take him back the next day to put him to sleep. Once we were home he acted so much better. It was the best that we had seen him in a little while. We decided to wait to put him to sleep until he seemed like he was suffering plus the next day was Danny's birthday. We were so fortunate to have another two weeks with Buttmuncher. We spoiled him a ton with special food and most of all LOVE.

Putting Buttmuncher to sleep was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It broke my heart but I know that it was the best thing for him. We took him to Sierra Vet Clinic. They were amazing! The worst part of it all was when we got home and explained to our kiddos that they weren't going to see him again. They were devastated!

Buttmuncher was an awesome cat. He was quirky but we loved him a ton!

Easter morning

Isabella and Chase had a wonderful Easter morning. They are holding their favorite Easter gifts from the Easter bunny. Isabella's favorite was her new Zhu Zhu Pet. Chase was so excited to get his Phineas and Ferb DS game. We also loved the "big breakfast" that Danny cooked us. He is our breakfast man!

A first in the Brandow home

I am so embarrassed to say that this is the first Easter that we have decorated eggs at the Brandow home and it only happened because of my cousin Tina. She came all the way from Fresno to spend the day before Easter with us and brought all the goodies to decorate eggs. It was tons of fun! My kiddos loved it. My kiddos have decorated eggs before just not at our house. I was always too afraid of the mess but Tina gave me hope that I might try it again next year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Over the Hill

My hubby is getting old! He turned 37 this year. I planned a last minute celebration with him and I invited the Casper's to come along. We went bowling because it is Danny's favorite thing to do that doesn't involve a boat. Then we met back at hour house for his Older than dirt cake. (The bowling alley wouldn't let us eat the cake at the bowling alley...stupid!) It was a fun evening.

(On a side note: I need a new point and shoot camera...I think my camera has seen its last day.)

Easter pictures in the mustard fields

I have been wanting to do mustard field pictures for quite a while now and I always procrastinate and then they are gone. This year right after I got my kiddos ready on Easter Sunday I asked Danny if we could run over to a mustard fields and take pictures. It was perfect timing! It was overcast and we finished them right as it started raining. I finally have my mustard field pictures! =)